House M, Schönau

Cube in the country

Haus Schönau Aussenansicht
Haus Schönau Innen
Haus Schönau Innen
Haus Schönau Innen
Haus Schönau Aussenansicht

Project description

This modern home built for a young family was built in the rural idyll of the Thuringian Forest. The clients wanted clear, contemporary architecture which adapts confidently and harmoniously with the surrounding residential area and the immediately adjacent fields and meadows. The generous windows on the ground floor guarantee a maximum exterior effect and can be opened wide in order to bring the terrace as well as nature into the living area. Over the ground floor which is panelled with larch wood, there is a quiet, white rendered structure in which the bedrooms and bathrooms of the family are located. The house captivates in particular through its clarity and its numerous refinements such as the room-dividing tunnel fireplace, which enables views from both sides, the bathrooms designed with great attention to detail, the high-grade wood which has been incorporated and the fitted furniture, furniture steps and walk-in wardrobes. 


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Plewka Architekt
Joseph-Kürschner-Straße 6a
99817 Eisenach

phone.: +49 (0) 3691 - 70 83 80
fax: +49 (0) 3691 - 70 83 78


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