Bakery Liebetrau, Eisenach

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Bäckerei Liebetrau Hofansicht
Bäckerei Liebetrau Aussenansicht
Bäckerei Liebetrau Aussenansicht
Bäckerei Liebetrau Backstube

Project description

If you were to stand in front of the old-established “Bäckerei Liebetrau” baker’s shop in Lutherstraße you would not believe the changes which have taken place behind the historic facade. When Sebastian Liebetrau took over the bakery from his father he made the decision to radically redesign the bakery which had become too narrow and the upper floor living rooms which were no longer in keeping with the times. Following an investigation it soon became clear that the back building and the old bakehouse would have to undergo a complete rebuild. The building project was a tour de force, as the demolition and the rebuilding had to take place while the bakery was open. After just 8 months construction time and an enforced break of just 4 weeks the extended bakery was reopened. On the flat roof both flats were fitted with a “green” roof terrace with a fascinating view to the belfry of the church “Georgenkirche”. 

Work phases 1-4


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Plewka Architekt
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99817 Eisenach

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